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to access base courses B.A.S.E.

  • Minimum of 200 skydiving jumps (at least 30 jumps done in the last six months)
  • Parachuting license
  • Own your personal BASE jumping equipment*
  • A good psychophysical condition
  • Safety helmet, knee pads, trekking boots
  • Packing tools, such as clamps and pull up cord loop, etc.
  • Willing to learn in security, have fun and respect ethic rules regulating the international BASE jumping community

* BRENTOBASESCHOOL gives assistance in order to buy equipment according to your needs. What is more, there is the possibility to rent a rig with pilotchute included or an extra rig for the whole course and even after.

NOTE: if you only want to try BASE jumps with one or two jumps, this is not the right place for you. BRENTOBASESCHOOL only offers training course directed to people who would like to become real BASE jumpers

“We do not let people to try BASE jumping! We shape skydivers into BASE jumpers”

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