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BASE Jump it's extremely dangerous.
BASE Jump can cause serious injury or death.

Your instructor and all his co-workers warn you to seriously consider the consequences of your actions if you decide to practice this activity. It's your responsibility to prepare yourself and your dears for any possibility that it could happen by practicing activities such as BASE Jump.
The parachutes have sometimes malfunctions even if they are properly designed, constructed, assembled, packed, stored and used.
The consequences of a malfunction are sometimes serious injury or death. Jump at your own risk.

full course B.A.S.E.

BrentoBASEschool offers one of the most serious and complete course in the world. Skydivers who want to approach the BASE world and meet the minimum requirements can access this course (Requirements).
The aim of the Full Course is to give the right know-how to the would be BASE Jumper in order to jump autonomously with or without slider.

Jumpers are followed in each step of the course with a ratio on one teacher for maximum two student. The Full Course requires at least 8-10 days in order to be completed.

The Full Course is divided into three steps.
The first one pay attention to the theoretical aspects that every good BASE Jumper should know:

  • Ethical and behavioral rules related to BASE Jumping
  • Most important differences between Skydiving and BASE Jumping -Specific materials for BASE Jumping
  • Opening system for BASE Jumping
  • Canopy flying techniques and mountain flying
  • Exit techniques, free fall and track applied to BASE Jumping -Malfunctions
  • Objects evaluation
  • Metereology concepts related to BASE Jumping
  • How to behave in case of an accident
  • Nozioni di meteorologia applicata al BASE Jump
  • Suggestions on how to structure personal progress after the course (see advanced courses)
  • Historical notes on BASE Jumping
  • And even more!

The first part of the course teaches everything about packing, arrangement and maintenance of BASE Jumping specific rig.
During the course are also taught the techniques to pack one's material with and without slider (slider off/down and slider on) we will provide a DVD with a packaging manual.

In the second part of the Full Course you enter in the pratical phase with the first jumps slider off (without slider).

  • Evaluation of the object from which you will do the first jumps*
  • Pratical tests of the correct exit techniques
  • First jumps in PCA mode (Pilot Chute Assist)
  • First jump in SL mode (Static line)
  • Viewing and practice the techniques of jumping in pilot chute hand held (HH)
  • First jumps in HH mode
  • Multiway

Each jump includes a briefing and debriefing video, in which we are going to correct errors and imperfections In the third step of the Full Course you learn everything about the terminal jumps with slider on

  • Evaluation of the object from which you will do the first jumps with slider on**
  • First jumps in free fall in terminal velocity
  • Improvement of track techniques
  • Multiway

*For the first practical phase of the course, BrentoBASEschool is hosted by two structures with characteristics that are suited to execution of the first BASE Jumps without slider.

The first jumps are performed from bridges with optimal parameters such as altitude, landing and air space free of obstacles. From these exits you will be apply all the techniques learned during the first phase of the course.

**The terminal jumps which require the slider, are performed from the famouse cliff of Monte Brento in Italy (see the picture) This cliff allows to do jumps with more than 10 seconds in free fall. Is one of the most overhanging walls of Europe and his 1200m drop on the landing area, make Monte Brento one Must for do the first terminal jumps.

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