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Track Coaching

The first target that any serious BASE jumper that jump from terminal and sub terminal cliffs, must be do a proper track. Move away from the object from which you jumped itʼs not only matter of performance but above all a safety matter.

The modern Tracking-suit allow impressive performance, with free fall time and orizzontal fly considerable. Just think that from a wall as Monte Brento with a modern tracking-suit and with a very good performance you can do up to 35 sec. of free fall and you are able to open your parachute over the north helipad that is roughly more than 1 Km far from the exit point.

Obviously to achieve these performance you need a good training and a really good technique. For fly at the best your Tracking suit, optimizing any single jump, BrentoBASEschool organize Tracking courses with coaching one by one. Any jump expected brieafing, jump with coach and debrieafing video.

BASE Wing-suit Coaching

For those wishing start wing-suit BASE or improve his fly there we offer the opportunity to do some coaching jumps with experienced coaches (

With breafing and jumps one by one they can help you to achieve your targhet with fun.

Any jump itʼs corporate of breafing + jump with coach + video debreafing

You want to improve your track, start wing-suit BASE, improve your aerials or only you need help for get to your targhet?

Contact me and we will see to do a training program optimal for you and your goals!"

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