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If you search the perfection, Maury is the right person!
Determined and rigorous like a soldier, with few rules very clear, he explains you everything carefully without neglecting any detail.
His experience build jumping from many differents objects give you tranquility and safety in this sport and after the first step you will not look back.
His simplicity in explaining all that you need to learn, help you to pass any obstacle with ease.
do not panic if he talks so much...
might seem a defect but in reality is a big advantage for us that we want to learn.
Flying in the nature is a unbelievable thing and Maury will teach ....

Roberto Silano

For sure I am not one of the most brilliant Maury's student, because I am slower than average people, or may be for others reasons that I do not know, and this situation brought me to a point where I was thinking to stop the training, even if my interest for BASE jumping was very high, even more than when I started.
You must know that Maury, always in a very discrete manner, sometime even without saying a word, only acting as a real friend, always encouraged me with his dedition to this wonderful Sport, and his behaviour helped me a lot, and finally I got it, I did properly.
This man is Maury, BASE is his life, and if he decide to take care of you in this discipline, is because he trust on you…and this is very important from my point of view, especially in our days...
Once more, thanks Maury...

Alessandro Fiorito

I appeal to all those people, who want to begin this adventures call BASE jump.
Mi name is Michele, after years of skydiving, for work I was in the right place at the right time, to learn this sport. I thought to start as had done some my friends... buy a rig, making me give some advise and start to jump.
But then I talked to some of my friends who know how is Maurizio and then I realize what was the right street to take . I known Maurizio Di Palma, and I think he is a professional person and very knowledgeable about BASE.
I started the course with him, and for me was one of the experiences most' beautiful of my life. BASE it's a serious sport, totally different from skydiving, with him I learned the technique of BASE Jump but not only, he taught me to respect the BASE. I think that all those who want to start BASE must do so in a serious way, and with professionals like Maury.


The BASE course done with you it was professional and rewarding.
I have learned step by step each proper techniques of this fantastic discipline.
Maury in addition to being a good mentor, with your teachings simple and direct you brought me to be autonomous.
I will be forever grateful to you for giving me started in this fantastic adventure that for us is called life.

Marco Magnabosco

Much more than a simply course; come out from it with the awareness and certainty to have all the tools for getting started in this beautiful discipline.
An experience of life! more that a simply BASE course.

Francesco Baglioni

I think, indeed, I am fully convinced that Maury is the only person who would trust without a doubt my life. A professional person, serious, and prepared with sympathy explosive, able to transmit from the first instants tranquility and confidence in yourself. Always ready to give you the right lessons to grow in this sport in complete safety, even after finishing the course. Thanks for everything and for good times we had together!

L. P.

So my name is james and i met maury in seville where i did some multi way wing suit sky dives where i instantly noticed his passion for flying and base !
i found him extremely knowledgeable and keen to help you to progress whatever the level your at and most important a laugh and always smiling !
maury helped me to progress to doing my first wing suit base and filmed me every step of the way !
many thanks mate and for sure see you soon for more wingsuit action !!!

James Marples

Maurizio is a true pioneer of BASE passion, knowledgeable teacher with a skilled history and the flying ability to direct and help perfect your flying skills.
Set out with Maurizio in the summer of 2014 for my first terminal and Wingsuit BASE jump. He took the time and helped me out so much in making my dreams become a reality, helping give that step of confidence that I required to make my first Wingsuit BASE jump not only with flying but help and support of a friend while I was there. Thank you so much Maurizio! Fly again soon!!!

James Raimar

Maurizio di Palma - -