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Most than anything, for us each student is a friend before being a client, and the thing we care the most is the wellbeing of our friends! We want jump companions ready and motivated with who we can share exits worldwide.

In the age of social media and YouTube, also who has never approach or had never knew the existence of what are generally defined as extreme sports, must have heard at least once about BASE jumping.

In skydiving, generally the jumps are executed from airplanes, helicopters, and air balloons.

In BASE jumping instead the jumps are executed from fixed spots, such as mountains, skyscrapers, antennas, bridges, and any other natural and artificial structure that permits to jump from.

We could say that a BASE jumper is a skydiver without an airplane. More and more skydivers are fascinated by the attractive world of BASE jumping, thanks also to the increasing number of information available. Before the advent of this media boom, the few skydivers interested in this discipline had to face a closed and very little community. In fact , not always the BASE jumpers were available to share their spots and their own experiences and knowledge about this activity, at that time to find an instructor willing to teach was not an easy task. It was hard to gain the trust of a mentor, and obtain his knowledge and his time to learn was very difficult, making the access to BASE a very hard thing for who wanted to learn.

This long and hard process, constituted a filter for many years, and It is mainly for this reason that only who was really motivated and determined, ended BASE jumping in the past years. If the initial attitude of the BASE community was right or wrong could be object of many discussions, the reality nowadays is that much have changed since then. Today is definitely much easier to approach this discipline, the number of BASE jumper has increased a lot, together with the attention and respect to new safety systems, but it remain always a potentially dangerous activity For this reason, it is of much importance the correct choice of a school or a mentor/instructor, who has the duty to share his technical knowledge, always taking safety as a priority. It is easy also to meet people who consider themselves better than what they really are, and that can transmit a false knowledge that is shallow or not really safe, putting the student in possible highly dangerous situations. BBS avails of internationally recognized instructors, some of the best in the world. They all are active BASe jumpers, updated and prepared, who took very seriously their task to transmit their knowledge respecting safety. It is for this reason that each BBS instructor is busy 7 days out of 7, because for them BASe is not a job, is not a sport, it is their reason for living.

BBS offers a didactic targeted at the formation of BASE jumpers, from their very first jump to the most advanced steps into this discipline, beginning from the skydive stage taking care of future students, organizing formative BASE didactic targeted at the use of track-suit and wing-suit. The technic procedures learned in the skydiving environment will be useful when BASE jumping. It is a priority for the school to work only with small groups, maximum four students each course, also  giving the possibility to individuals to access one to one course structured on the individual exigencies.

Once the full BASE course is accomplished, the student will not be left alone, but he or she, will be followed on the post course formative phase, with advanced didactics and specific updating courses based on the specific disciplines, and advises in how to reach individual goals. Every noob BASE jumper, at the end of the initial didactic phase, will be fully part of the BASe jumpers community, in which he or she will grow and share experiences. It is just for this reason that the BBS organizes periodically events and BASE camps, in order to permit to the noobs to integrate, grow and reinforce the philosophy of the group.

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