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 Cris Cristian Benedini - PH Luca Barbieri

Wingsuit BASE jumping is a goal to which many BASE jumpers aspire. Often this speciality is faced without proper preparation, underestimating its difficulty, and skipping the necessary steps to start and fly with it. Due to these reasons we want you to possess the necessary knowledge and practice indespensable to carry on this course, and to do so, we structured a complete course which will make you fly in adequate autonomy and safety. We believe in the one to one coaching, in order to properly prepare and help you during each step of the course. Each jump will be executed together with the coach, who will be filming it, there will be a pre jump briefing and a post jump debriefing to analyze the jump. We use also GPS to track movements and analyse deeper the performance.


  • Have carried out at least 100 terminal jumps from a mountain

  • Have carried out at least 50 Wingsuit skydive jumps

  • Own personal BASE material and suitable wingsuit for the first jump. 

  • Suitable psycho physical condition

  • Being able to pack personal parachute . See packing services

  • Will to learn, in safety, having fun, in total respect of the ethics which rule the international BASE community.


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The course includes two hours ground training , where it will be learned all the procedures in order to execute wing-suit BASE jump in total safety. 

- Wing-suit history and modern use

- Spots evaluation

- Gear setting and pre jump checks

- Exit techniques

- Basic fly principles analysis (attack angle, vertical and horizontal speed)

- Causes of malfunctions and management 

- Free fall training

- Opening procedure and flare technique

- Flysight dates analysis

- Meteo applied to wing-suit base jump

- Multy-way 

- Advises on how to structure and plan the post course progression


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Once the Wingsuit course have been completed successfully, you will have the possibility to advance into the stage in which this discipline will be improved, refined, and perfected.

You can choose between one to one jumps or to participate to our workshops. Once you reach a suitable level , you will be part of our guided expeditions to the various exit points distributed across the valley, having the opportunity to experience different spots and environments. We constantly organize great events in beautiful spots, check our schedule so you don’t miss them. If you prefer the one to one system, contact us and book one of our instructors


Coaching & Guiding

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