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 Alessandro Cracco PH Luca Barbieri

Nowadays, thanks to the TS/Onepiece modernity, it is possible to fly longer with notable horizontal shift. In order to reach the maximal performance obtainable, obviously the suit alone is not enough, it is necessary to acquire a specific technique through proper training.

BBS offer track courses hosted by specialized coaches, who are also some of the best trackers in the world. Each course has a dedicate coach, and all the jumps are done one to one, each of them filmed and recorded by the coach. Each jump has a briefing and a debriefing in order to correct eventual mistakes and maximize the learning process. The goal is to achieve the maximal control and performance of the TS/onepiece suit, and most of all, to execute the jump in total safety, which is the primary concern when jumping from terminal and sub terminal walls. In this way you will be able to enjoy each jump from the Brento mountain, in total autonomy and safety, which feature up to 35 free fall seconds.

  • Minimum 20 Terminal Jumps

  • To have your own BASE material.  Rent a rig

  • Buona attitudine psico fisica

  • Know how to pack your parachute  Check our packing service

  • Have good skills with one-piece / two-pieces in skydiving

  • Will to learn, in safety, having fun, respecting the ethical norms that rule the international BASE community.  


Tracking First Jump

Course  Schedule

The course includes 2 hours ground training , when it will be learned all the procedures in order to execute the tracksuit jump in total safety. 

- Exit techniques

- Basic flying skills ( angle of attak , vertical speed, horizontal speed, total speed ).

- Malfunctions and their causes management 

- BASE jumping related weather conditions

-Evaluation of the spot from which the jumps will be executed


- How to connect the tracksuit to the harness

- Pre jump checks

Exit training

- Free fall training

GPS use and functions related to BASE jumping

- Mutli-way jumps

- Advises on post course progression

Coaching Track

Once the Tracksuit course have been completed successfully, you will have the possibility to advance into the stage in which this discipline will be improved, refined, and perfected.

You can choose between one to one jumps or to participate to our workshops. Once you reach a suitable level , you will be part of our guided expeditions to the various exit points distributed across the valley, having the opportunity to experience different spots and environments. We constantly organize great events in beautiful spots, check our schedule so you don’t miss them. If you prefer the one to one system, contact us and book one of our instructors


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Coaching & Guiding

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