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If you have completed the basic course from the bridge, and now you want to jump from the mountain, the second part of the course will complete your preparation giving you the access of training from a mountain wall with perfect morphological characteristics suitable for terminal jumps. Subsequently you will have the knowledge and preparation to progress into advanced disciplines such as track suit, wing suit, and aerials.

  • Must have experience in slider off/slider down jumps.

  • Own private BASE equipment.   Check our rental service

  • Good psycho physical condition

  • Know how to pack your parachute  Check our packing service

  • Will to learn, in safety, having fun, respecting the ethical norms that rule the international BASE community.  


Dedicated to all the BASE jumpers whit experience in jumping without slider , who yet didn’t have possibility to come closer to the fascinating world of slider on jumps, BBS offer a specific course in terminal and sub terminal jumps, in which the student will learn in safety all the specific techniques related to this kind of jumps.

The topics involved are:


- Terminal and sub terminal jumps reconfiguration and packing of parachute.

- Alpine environment canopy fly techniques.

- Free fall techniques applied to terminal and sub terminal jumps.

- Malfunctions analysis and management procedures to counteract.

- Emergency situation management in alpine environment.

-- Metereological notions applied to BASE.

Each jumps will be followed by a video debriefing used by the instructor to correct any mistakes or imperfections on an individual basis.

Terminal jumps in which the use of slider up is involved are executed from Monte Brento (Brento mountain) , located in Trentino Alto Adige

This mountains is worldwide famous in the BASE community due to its wall, one of the most overhanging in Europe.

With its 1200 meters of difference between the exit and the landing, and its 400m of overhang, it is a unique and perfect spot to the execution of terminal and sub terminal jumps 


monte_brento_ .jpg
Schermata 2019-03-14 alle 18.51.20.png
Schermata 2019-03-14 alle 18.57.26.png
Schermata 2019-03-17 alle 21.52.51.png
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